"Putting Mouth In A Woman's Part Is the Cause Of your Problem," Pastor Tells Man

By Agboola Ibrahim

A clergyman has warned one of his members to desist from not only having oral sex but also avoiding sleeping with women.

In a relatively short video going viral on social media, a clergyman was captured ministering to the congregation. His sermon catches attention and also generates controversy among social media users.

In the video, a man is called out and the clergyman performs deliverance on him. After deliverance, the clergyman makes a series of prophecies about his life.

In light of the prophecy, the clergyman reveals that he would get his passport soon, and God will use him to wipe away his tears.

Shortly afterwards, the clergyman tells the man that the reason for his problem is that he sleeps with women. He is then told by the clergyman, that it is revealed by the Spirit that he, the man, has been engaging in oral sex.

Putting your mouth in a woman’s ‘box’ is the source of your problems — Evangelist tells the man

The man admits that to be true and confesses to this by a solemn gesture.

In the course of the service, the clergyman's words read:

"go and look for your Visa. God will use you to wipe away tears. Opportunity is coming. May you not sleep with a woman. Are you hearing me, can you obey? Don't sleep with a woman you will shine. Don't use your tongue again and put it inside a woman's private part."