Yoruba Actor Says He Will Not Pay The #50m Fine Mr. Macaroni's Lawyer Charged Him 

By Agboola Ibrahim

Popular Yoruba actor Lege Miami has taken his time to call Mr. Macaroni, Nigeria's popular skit maker to withdraw the lawsuit he filed against him. He also said he would not pay the huge fine he was asked to pay.

However, Lege Miami took to his social media to share the lawsuit filed against him by Mr. Macaroni through his lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana, and he is thereby demanded to pay 50 million Naira for a fine.

As revealed by the content of the letter, Mr. Macaroni sued Lege for making defamatory statements against him and he was demanded to pay the sum of N50M.

Recall that Mr. Macaroni lent a vehement voice against electoral manipulations. His social media platforms were his primary medium. After the general election in Nigeria, there were grievances and agitations, particularly on the released result.

Mr. Macaroni thereafter called the attention of the youth in a video he shared on his Instagram page. The comedian urged the youths to remain united and not trigger intertribal chaos over politicians “who will always be friends.”

Miami Lege was so critical of Mr. Macaroni's post; he dragged him and uttered all sorts of hurtful remarks about him. He warned Mr. Macaroni not to incite violence.

“Debo what’s your problem, ki lo fe. Your Oga dons do one, you can start another thing.

If our government is no good, the Hausas wouldn’t support us. Some parts of Igbos supported us and this is Lagos State. You are giving them the wrong information.

Mr devil what’s your information, can’t you leave the youths alone? Are you the only youth? You are even older than me so you aren’t a youth anymore. You are old, stop all the things you are doing “.

In the latest development, Lege, in a video, appealed to Falz’s dad Femi Falana, who is Macaroni’s lawyer, as he revealed that he and the content creator are friends and that he was not going to pay the fine.

While begging Mr. Macaroni, the actor revealed he is a big fan of the popular lawyer as he said he would visit him.

His words read:
"Debo my pady. Debo, you wrote a letter requesting me to pay 50 million. Yes sir, Daddy Falana, I'm your fan. leave Dabo and me we are friends. Mr. Macaroni de no born you well, kobo you will no