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Taiwo Akinwande a.k.a Wunmi Yetunde

ADDRESS: Jibowu, Lagos State, Nigeria.

DATE OF BIRTH: 22nd of February 1960.

MARITAL STATUS Married with children

LANGUAGES SPOKEN Yoruba and Pigeon English

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Ansar Ud Deen Primary School, Ilaro, Ogun State.

Tell us a little about your childhood, growing up, parents, brothers and sisters?

I grew up in Egbado and Ibadan. My Parents; Mr Surakat Akinwande And Mrs Olufunke Sabainat Akinwande. Brothers; Tajudeen Akinwande (elder), Nosirudeen Akinwande (late) elder, and Kehinde Akinwande (younger).

What was the first paying job ever that you had?

I have always been self-employed as a business woman

What other jobs did you do outside Acting?

I am into buying and selling.

What made you go into the Acting career and when did you start Acting (year)?

I received an inspiration from God, that was back in the year 1981

Who were your Idols/Models (Actors) in those days?

I love and admire all the leaders i met in the field.

What was your first role in Theatre, TV or Movies?

I played the role of a group member in a television series titled 'Feyikogbon'.

What was your major break-through role and in what film, series or play?

In the weekly Television Programme 'Feyikogbon' where I starred as Yetunde in various series then.

What were the constraints you had to face and overcome as an up-and-coming Actor (young actor)?

My husband criticised me in the first place about the craft. It had adverse effects on my matrimonial home but I thank God.

How many films have you been involved with as an Actor to date?

Too numerous, but i can readily mention the Following;
1. Ah! Aye Okunrin, 2. Ere Ese, 3. Omo Okunrin, 4. Odun Mejo, 5. Ade Ori, 6. Opa Jobi, 7.Oro Omo Le, 8. Ogun, 9. Jawon Laya, etc.

As a OUTSTANDING, 'A'-List Actor, how have you managed to adapt to the different range of roles you have played in your career?

It is easy because i practice a lot.

What is the most awkward or strangest role you have had to take/play in your career and why?

None, i do any role i am given perfectly.

As an 'A'-List Actor yourself, what other 'A'-List Actors or Actresses have worked or collaborated with?

They are too many to mention. Let just say practically all of them.

Did you at anytime want to quit your Acting career for something else or for a reason, and why (if any)?


What is the motivation for you or what keeps you interested in this career every morning you wake up?

The pride and honour attached to the job.

How important are our Nigerian roots, morals, values, knowledge and sense of wisdom to you and your works?

I write stories that relate to our morals and values and create avenue where it will reflect and transform and educate the viewers.

On the stories, scripts, or screen play of your films, and its impact on the Nigerian/African cultural values (home and abroad), how do you manage to harness, keep and pass them across in your films?

We introduce the values and morals into the characters in a play such that it will project the importance of our values and culture. and in the case of Nigeria I write stories that talk about unity.

What projects are you working on at the moment and with whom?

At the moment, i am discussion with Corporate Pictures about a particular work of mine, and will let you know immediately the details are finalised.

Where do you see yourself in this career in the next five years?

I live it in God's hands but with his help i should be seeing myself as a worldwide acclaimed actress.

Where do you see the Nigerian movies industry in the next couple of years?

The industry will be so large with global audience and international reputation.

When you are not working (Acting, producing, directing or making a film), what do you do or how do you pass the time?

I play with my children and sometimes plait their hair.

What are you hobbies and interests?

i like praying to my God. People that are loyal and God-fearing interest me.

What kind of music do you listen to and who is your favourite musician?

Islamic Songs, Wasiu Sadiq

Is there an International Actor (American, British, Australian, African, etc.) you will want to work with if the opportunity presented itself?

Eddie Murphy

What message do you have for your international fans in America, United kingdom, Europe, Africa and its Diaspora?

I am saying a big thank you to them. May God give them the grace to benefit from all the work of their labour and thank them for their love for me. I say keep the flag flying.

For any reason at all, how would you personally want your fans to remember you?

They should remember me as an actress with a lovely talent and tiny (bedroom) voice
Barring any work or previous appointments, if we invited you to America, UK or anywhere else to meet your fans, will you be available to meet them?

Bisimilahi! I Shall Be Available.

Thank you for your time.

You are welcome.