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Star of Rough Rider and a dozen other box office home videos, Oby Edozie, has taken a swipe at those who hold the opinion that that she is morally lax because she is an actress. According to her, despite the raunchy and naughty roles she plays on television, she is definitely not a loose girl.

Early years
“My first movie was Love And Be Cherished. I came into acting after my lecturer at the Lagos State University, Sola Fosudo gave me a note to Zeb Ejiro . I got my first lead role after my third movie.” Ever since, she has acted over 40 movies and has grown to become one of Nollywood's favourite faces after almost nine years in the industry.

“My growing up was very Christian. Father was a disciplinarian who never spared the rod to save the child. We were one happy family. At a very tender age when I told my classmates I wanted to be an actor, they all laughed and made jest of me because then, I was very skinny. I am not there yet but I am growing and I thank God for every day of my life.”

However, today, she has blossomed into a hot, sexy sought-after actress. How does she handle her male fans: “I am very polite. I try to have an excellent relationship with my fans. I know where to draw the line. Without them I wouldn't be here today.”

Oby says that there has been tremendous improvement and growth in Nollywood between 1997, when she was a debutante and today: “We should not compare ourselves to Hollywood. The prospects are very bright. The industry is growing. Once upon a time, it was just a joke but it has transformed into the mainstay of a lot of families.”

She describes herself as romantic: “I listen to soft sentimental music. I am very romantic. When I love, I love to the extreme. I go all the way. I have been broken hearted before but its personal.”

Secret to success
Oby has a rising profile. Today, she is one of Nollywoods most sought-after faces. She talks about the secret to her success: “The secret of my success is hardwork. I play my part to the best of my ability. It is being you, being humble and consistent. Carriage and poise are very important. I keep learning. I love people criticising me because that is the only way I could take my act to the next level. I believe in being real and consistent. That is the secret to my success.”

Love life
When enquired about her love life she responded thus: “You want to know about my love life? Wait till my wedding day. Once I get married to that very man, that's when I would talk about love. That is when I would talk about that very man. So, stop bugging me.”

“My dream ultimately is to get to Hollywood and be successful. I want to get married and have eight children at least. My vision was for 13 lovely kids but I have cut it down to eight. I love kids. I want to adopt them, at least, a boy and a girl. They are so innocent. I intend to establish a motherless babies home someday.”

Some of the movies starring Oby includes Supremacy, Golden Moon, Abuja Connection, Jealous Lover, True Love, etc