Wow! You Won't Believe How Much A Man Saves Inside A Box For 2 Years

By Agboola Ibrahim

A relatively young man is making headline as he took to his social media to share to the public how much he managed to save in a wooden box for two years.

In a video on TikTok the man revealed that he started saving the money on January 19th, 2021 and that discipline kept him saving relentlessly inside the box.

The man who was seen packing out notes of N1,000 from the wooden box disclosed that his original intention has been to save for many years; but he had to halt the saving to obey CBN directives about new naira notes.

His words read partly:
"I started saving this money on the 19 January 2021. If not for CBN that says they want to change the money. You can see I want to save it for years. Wow! Jesus is wonderful. Saving is a culture. Saving is a discipline, you have to discipline yourself"