Nigerian Lady Evicted By Canadian Landlord For The Aroma Of Her Spicy Vegetable Soup

By Agboola Ibrahim

A Nigerian lady resident in Canada have shared a video on her Instagram on how and why she was evicted from her flat by a Canadian Landlord following her spicy vegetable soup.

The lady revealed in the video that, on one occasion when she busied her self cooking a spicy vegetable that has very rich condiments, the aroma of the soup wafts around the compound and takes charge of the smell of the whole flat.

Unfortunately, the aroma of the soup that is supposed to be admired is a "no-no" that created a disturbing sensation for the landlord and his son.

Soon afterwards the landlord brakes into her apartment and serves her a notice to quit by virtue of the claim that the aroma of her soup is disturbing to him and his son because they have margarine.