Spectacular Movies/Series You Need To Watch This Week

By Agboola Ibrahim

Movies have always been one of the greatest ways to stay relaxed and also stay entertained. The weekend is actually the best time away from work to do justice to these films but if not chanced, the days of the week can be utilized for this course when chanced. Here are list of series that are new that you need to watch.

Ginny and Georgia Season 2
Ginny and Georgia Season 1 centres around the life of a single mother, Georgia and her daughter Ginny. The single mother goes out on date as she is set to remarry and her teenage daughter, Ginny struggles with love life.

On the second season, Ginny has found out her mother killed her ex husband before they relocated and she got married to the Mayor of where they live. Will Ginny really keep her mother's crime a secret or not? That's to be known this season.

Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches (AMC)
AMC can be seen on Anne Rice. The platform has set a second season of its interview with a Vampire reboot and now. The second season makes viewers get acquitted to a series based on the author's best selling trilogy, Lives of the Mayfair Witches.

The character of an intuitive neurosurgeon, Rowan which was played by Alexandra D'addario get to know that she is the rightful heir to the dynasty of witches. She set to face the evil spirit that has stained her family for years as she is set to understand her background and her unexpected abilities.

The Rig (Prime Video)
The film which is a supernatural thriller has known faces from the British acting ranks which includes Game of Thrones stars; Lain Glen and Owen Teale. The story centres around the crew of an oil rig off the coast of Scotland. When they were set to return to the mainland, a mysterious mist engulf them abd at this stage they were all cut off communication.