Rema Is A Comedian; See His Joke About His Affairs With His Lady

By Agboola Ibrahim

Singer Rema, is one of the instrumental member of Marvin records who stirred controversies when he revealed his sexual experience with his baby girl.

Rave pioneer, Rema, would rather have baby girl articulate something different when moaning than ‘Divine’.

However, he explained that he feels like he’s committing a sin when his baby girl calls out his name during sex.

He said he feels that way because his first name is actually a Christian name, making it odd when engaging in the canal act.

The 22-year-old thus, implored baby girl to rather use ‘Rave Lorde’ or anything else but not ‘Divine’ whenever they are intimate.

“Moaning ‘Divine’ in bed dey make me feel like say I dey sin. Like baby girl it’s a Christian name use Rave lorde or something,” he tweeted."