Skit Maker Laments Spending 2milion Naira Everyday On Life Problems

By Agboola Ibrahim
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Instagram skit maker and content creator, Amarachi Amusi, popularly known as Ashmusy has lamented spending 2 million naira everyday on unprecedented life problems.

She made the claim in a recent post on her insta story, indicating she spends the above amount everyday solving varying life problems.

Wondering how the bills that gulp up such huge amount come from on a daily basis, the brand influencer asked if there are others experiencing similar situation.

She wrote: “Please am I the only one that spends at least N2m on life problems per day? I mean daily .. Is it just me?

“I don’t know where these bills come from but they surely come. They fall like manna from heaven.. Like boom! They just appear.

“Pay 400k for this, 700k for this etc. Like Whooo whyyy whattttt howwww? Everyday.”