Akunyili Fires Senior Special Assistant And Suspends Another Aide

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I have just returned from an official trip to China and my attention was drawn to an unauthorized write –up by Mazi Obi Adindu, my Senior Special Assistant, Media purported to be a response to some earlier defamatory statement by Professor Charles Soludo.

2. I feel very embarrassed and saddened by this release issued by my SSA without permission from me. The release is too demeaning and I can't talk about anybody in that manner no matter the level of provocation.

3. I hereby relieve Mazi Obi Adindu of his duty and suspend Mr. Julius Ogunro, my media assistant, who used his e-mail to circulate this obnoxious write-up without clearance from me. My action which takes effect from this morning is an expression of my utter embarrassment at the response which I consider needlessly abusive, scurrilous, infradig and out of character with the values which I am championing in the Nigerian public service. My public service culture is driven by an attitude of restraint and tolerance even in the face of the gravest provocation.

4. The mild family misunderstanding with Soludo does not warrant the excessive language and substance of Mazi Adindu's response. I unequivocally dissociate myself from it.

Professor Dora Akunyili.
July 28, 2010

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