Nkechi Blessing Bitter And Curses Ex-Husband

By Agboola Ibrahim
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Popular Nollywood Actress, Nkechi Blessing has hit back bitterly at ex-husband, Opeyemi Falegan and uttered curses at him.

In the past few days, Nkechi Blessing and ex-husband have been having quarrelsome banter over Nkechi's earlier disclosure of their old relationship. Afterwards, Opeyemi Falegan threatened to expose Nkechi's secret plea to him so as to have her back.

It's in this light that Nkechi Blessing uttered curses and bitter words at Opeyemi over the claim that she was begging him to have her back. In her statement she revealed that she never begged him and she dare Opeyemi to expose the message.

Her words are: " This Jigolo with two jeans, two tops and one shoe is saying that he's going to post a massage where I was begging him. If you no post am na God go punish you, yes, ...

"You fit de Waka for road make moto jam you"
She described her relationship with Opeyemi as her worst mistake.