Elvis Chucks and the likes who marketers have unofficially placed a ban on because of the bad luck their aura impose on films.
But despite the warnings from the appropriate authority to ban any actor caught in the illicit act, new kids on the block, Emeka Enyiocha and another light-skinned actor whose surname equally ends with Obi, not ST OBI, has been discovered to be seriously playing the game of anal sex. Interested parties who frown seriously upon this unholy union have observed these pervert dispositions. Little wonder Enyiocha has refused to get married despite all pleas by his poor dad on whom the cold hands of death were laid upon recently. exclusively gathered that Obi's wife, by discovering the hidden talent of her hubby, called it quits and relocated abroad with their kids. All efforts to appeal to the woman were to no avail while Obi and Emeka continue enjoying themselves in homosexuality.
BY: Alonge Michael ( )