Movie Review For The Week: Creed 2

By Ifeanyi Ndukwe, The Nigerian Voice Entertainment

It may be an old movie but Creed 2 is a movie to behold. It is a sequel to the 2015 film Creed, which shifted the focus away from the Italian Stallion and planted it firmly on Adonis ‘Donnie’ Creed, son of Rocky’s best friend and biggest competitor Apollo Creed.

Donnie is the heavyweight champion of the world, achieving the same status as his coach (Rocky Balboa) and father. But someone has their heart set on challenging the young Creed for the title – and it’s a very familiar name, Viktor Drago, son of Rocky IV villain Ivan Drago, puts his hand up to challenge for the title belt.

This is, of course, more than a mere title fight – Creed senior died in the ring during his fight with Drago senior and the bout between their sons is laden with emotional and psychological feelings.

You can’t help but agree what the announcer says, "lt’s almost Shakespearean, two sons, raised a world apart, yet inexorably linked through tragedy are about to touch gloves.

'Two fighters, whose histories are intertwined; powered, as if by destiny, to collide – and the world is watching. Behind them, in their respective corners, are the men who’ve shaped them into who they are; men who’ve been bruised more by their shared past than by the punches they’ve thrown at each other. Leather touches flesh, the sound of cracking bones rises above the deafening crowd, glares meet mid-air. The bout has begun.’

The announcer is definitely right, it is rather Shakespearean.

The story is about parenthood and legacy, about honour and identity, about the power of myths and the idea of heroism. The legendary Michael L. Jordan plays the heroic son of Creed senior who must defend his father's legacy amidst unfavorable conditions.

Do you want some action, intrigue and purgation of emotions, watch Creed 2 and enjoy the weekend.

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