Lifestyle: Saving Cost, Enjoying Your Marriage

By Ifeanyi Ndukwe, The Nigerian Voice Entertainment

Marriage is a legal institution set up by God and highly honoured by men. In Africa, specifically Nigeria a youth of ages 25-35 years is considered mature to have a wife. Howbeit, the rising cost of living has become a determent to this matter. Little wonder, you hear some persons consoling themselves as well reassuring oneself to attain a comfortable housing accommodation, a car and and a job. Funny enough, the number of jobs ain't enough to go round the massive influx of graduates in the economy. The COVID-19 set the pace in the year 2020 and according to global statistics, there were more weddings that year compared to the year before it and the year after it.

Well, not to bore you with details but to help you accelerate and focus your attention in walking down the aisle with a minimal or (better said, affordable budget)

Are you about to tie the knot with your partner? Then I bet you would proudly look through this options to your marriage plan.

You will agree with me that even the tiniest wedding plans demands a budget that would accommodate several challenges.

Interestingly, l may be bringing you an option on the table to help make it easier for you and your partner. Besides the main marriage begins after the blessing from both parents and the priest(or pastor). Have you ever consider a court wedding. Quite affordable and flexible to achieve.

Firstly, court weddings are less stressful compared to the white wedding.

One of the main benefits of a court marriage is that they can be small events. Most times, planning a typical wedding with a long guest list can feel overwhelming, especially when you feel the need to please everyone. But a court wedding demands just few guests comprising of the couple, a few close family and friends and a relatively small reception.

You can used the reserved money to help set up your new life together. Save yourself stress and headaches by having a courthouse wedding.

Secondly, it saves money. The remote reason for considering this ideal plan is to save cost amidst rising challenges and cost of living. If you intend to host a complete church wedding, it might break your neck considering the size of your income.

Another reason for choosing the option of court wedding is the legal identity. Though, getting married is beautiful, there is also a serious side to your union. Like a licensed church or licensed office wedding, a court wedding protects both the man and woman, but especially the woman. While you may go into marriage expecting the best outcome, sometimes things do go wrong.

Having the legal security of a court wedding may turn out to be a saving grace in the event that everything doesn’t go well. For instance, being legally married protects you against the practice of bigamy, which will be punished by 5 years of imprisonment. So your partner needs to get a divorce before getting married to someone else.

On a fourth note, court marriage is fast and saves time.

Every man has 24hours but how you use it matters. If long ceremonies aren’t your thing, rest assured that courthouse weddings are real fast, and can be wrapped up in less than an hour.

As opposed to church or traditional weddings, there are no long sermons and songs in courts, keeping the events short and simple.

With all the time saved, you’ll have more energy for your reception, celebrating your honeymoon with your love life.

On a last but not the least note, court wedding does not require any special dressing. There’s no particular dress code for court weddings

There are no strict dress codes, so prospective couples can wear whatever they like and everyone can be happy. All colours, shapes and styles are potential outfits, and you even have the opportunity to buy an outfit that you can wear again.

I do hope that this facts have a convincing factor on your next option as you take a decision.