Our films are aimed to inspire and shape morals -- Pete Edochie

By Ifeanyi Ndukwe, The Nigerian Voice Entertainment

In a recently held interview with Nollywood legendary actor, Pete Edochie, a new song of inspiration plus attitude was sung. The veteran who recently celebrated his 75th birthday in his family home at Enugu graced an exclusive with NTA international.

When asked by the host of the programme how he manages to entertain his audience with so much charisma. Edochie replied in the affirmative

" l work extremely hard to ensure I remain relevant. I am always learning. I learn everyday and I ensure I put to practice what I learn.

"So when I get to shoot my movies, I practice what I learn to help in my interpretations of my character, 'he said.

You will agree totally with no exception how the famous Okonkwo character mesmerized the screen in the late 80s. As a kid, I watched with keen interest as my father played the record in the all purpose VHS video player.

Posing another question by the interviewer on how the movie industry has helped in developing the nation positively.

Edochie reiterated how effectual and resolute the sector has played in shaping lives in the country. Though he said that the level of impact cannot be measured by length and breath. However, it has been rejuvenating.

"I say we have done alot. It will not be easy to say this is the level of impact we have made. We have been working extremely hard and we have made some many positive impacts on the development of the country but that is not an accessment I can handle only by myself. But the people who watch us will say this is the contributions we have made.'

"l think alot of people gets a lot of inspiration from what we put out and it give us a lot of joy when we know people respond positively."

Adding, "When we shoot our films, the idea is to ensure we do a didactic point of view so that people can learn. We don't just produce any seductive content or hypnotise our audience. Rather, we educate, inform as well as entertain.

An interesting point of view that caught my fantasy Edochie systematic prescription to achieving international recognition

According to him, a lot of technical works need to be done especially in aspects of sound.

He made a clarion call for the government of the day to invest in the entertainment sector, "The govt has got to assist the players in the industry if we require to do a lot of collaborative work with our Atlantic counterpart. "

"Arguably, we do most of these films with very low budget.

If we have a production that we think will require international recognition. We will need massive funding and PR. '

Another point to consider in this expository conversation was the response to the movie productions to which Edochie as the potter wheeled his hands to create a desire shape and style that would fit into any genre or drama. He gave the various instances for our local content to will in the international stage.

"lf we do a production that will give us an Oscar awards, it will cost a whole lot of money. Genevieve did her best when we did 'LionHeart' (Obiagu). The only reason it didnt win was because it was not done in vernacular. Its about time we expand the scope of our projections, he advised. "

Howbeit, he lamented the proliferation of fake news on the internet spreading rumours of him not supporting Bola Ahmed Tinubu presidential ambition. To this, Chief Edochie refuted such claims and stood his grounds that his views on politics were on neutrality.

What more can a man with several honors and accolades to his credit desired if not a loving and peaceful life. Chief Edochie has continue to serve as an inspiration to many within and outside the borders of Nigeria. Hence on this note, I strongly believe this chit chat interview came at the spur of the moment.