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Who owns the right to the popular movie “The Mourning After” which had Bimbo Akintola as lead is the subject of discussion within the walls of LTV 8 and Alausa.

The movie, shot by the ex-permanent secretary of Lagos Television, Jimi Odumosu has become a cause for worry. While in office, Jimi Odumosu was said to have

maintained that the work is a joint project between LTV and a private company, which we hear, is his outfit. The budget ran into millions of naira, with the exit of Odumosu from LTV, all materials related to the movie seem to have developed wings.

As it is now, only the ministry of information knows the way forward, and staffers of LTV are becoming impatient as one of them put it “The money used to produce the movie is from our purse”.