Kano 2011: Matters Arising!

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As the 2011 election draws near, the political temperature in Kano state has began to rise steadily with different party stalwarts gearing toward electoral successes at the poll in what promised to be the keenest and most unpredictable election contest in the entire political history of the state.

It is apparent from the look of things that the 2011 election will be fought fiercely by three political parties namely: the PDP, the ANPP and the CPC of General Muhammadu Buhari barring unforeseen happenstance. And as it can be seen on closer observation, each of these parties has numerous advantages and disadvantages over the other. For example, the CPC has Buhari factor going for it given the fact that Kano is the pivot where Buhari has his strongest anchor of support among the electorates throughout the federation and will naturally try to exploit that to his maximum advantage. Already the CPC has become household name in many towns and villages going by the giant strides it is making among the electorates. It all depends therefore on how its leaders mend their differences and present credible materials for elections.

The incumbent party though, presently embroiled in internal turmoil about who should be its gubernatorial flag bearer, can still spring some elements of surprises given its modest achievements especially in the area of urban renewal and peaceful coexistence. However, Lack of internal democracy, and presence of many aggrieved politicians who were sidelined after ensuring double electoral successes in 2003 and 2007 might led to woeful failure at the poll through the usual anti-party activities. It had happened with the PDP in 2003 gubernatorial election as many people can vividly recall and history has an amazing ability to repeat it-self again and again somehow!

The PDP on the other hand had just concluded state wide rallies to all the wards and constituencies to gauge its strength prior to the start of the proper campaign. What is however note-worthy is the apparent cracks that existed in the ranks of the PDP stakeholders. The Kwankwasiyya factor appear to be gaining ground, while the Muhammed Abacha faction seems to have the eye and the ear of Mr. President and other notable stalwarts at Abuja, and no body has so far indicate his readiness to buckle or compromises his ambition for the sake of the other and in the overall interest of the party.

So comes what may, the fact remain that kanawa have the final authority to decide who should be the new occupant of the African House comes May 29, 2011.And in doing so, they shall be guided by the following: quality, credibility, moral-high-ground, integrity, courage and respect for our social-cultural norms and values among others.

For they sadly knew what had transpires between 1999 and 2003 when PDP was governing Kano . They can also recall vividly the garrison politics at play then, and the suffering inflicted on the innocent pensioners, and civil servants and ordinary citizens alike. Above all, they knew how they were held in constant state of fear by way of institutionalizing primitive politics of hooliganism and unbridled arrogance which jeopardized the peace and tranquility of the state. They were also aware of PDP's blind and unforgivable support it gave the former president Obasanjo despite his obvious attempts at crippling the economic and social livewires of the state in particular and that of the north in general.

In electing the person who shall occupy the Kano Africa House comes 2011 therefore, conscientious Kano electorates will compare and contrast between the three dominant parties, taking into considerations their performances and level of responsiveness to the yearnings and aspirations of the electorates. They will also take a look at whether they were able to take the state to the next level in terms of new development paradigms? And whether Kano was able to maintain its leadership position in the country as one of the leading commercial, political, cultural headquarters of the country or not?

These and many more undisclosed reasons are precisely why many Kano electorates including yours sincerely were not impressed by the just concluded rallies by the PDP. The rallies were nothing but parades of shame. In this 21st century when northerners should be thinking on how to emancipate ourselves educationally, socially, and politically in order to be at par with our southern counterparts, Some Kano politicians were still only interested in primitive politics of retrogressions as graphically portrayed by the just concluded rallies where the PDP youth who were suppose vanguards of progress in any society were encouraged to misbehave with dangerous weapons; while some under the influence of marijuana and other intoxicants even went to the extent of unfortunately abusing our highly revered and beloved Emir. This is patently unacceptable!!

Therefore let it be stated categorically that, Kano voters dearly love their state and will never under any guise allow our beloved state to be governed by some one who lacks the interest of the state at heart. They will therefore use their votes effectively to ensure that the next governor is someone who will maintain the peace currently reigning in the state; and accords deserved respects to our traditional institutions and above all, he must have the wherewithal and promise to take the state to the next level. He must also be both level headed and humble, and of sound moral pedestal. Someone who is knowlegible enough to appreciates politics of issues as against brigandage and can steer the wheel of progress of our beloved state in peace and tranquility!

The onus therefore lies with the three dominant political parties to put their apparent divisive houses to order by ensuring that only credible materials are presented for election in 2011; as failure to do so will clearly spell doom for their ambitions; since voters this time around will wisely cast their votes for quality, and irrespective of party affiliations. So politicians should better be careful this time around!

By: Kabiru Tsakuwa
Hausawa Bawo Road, Kano

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