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Bless J
Onorede Blessing Ekolomi popularly known as Bless J, no doubt will ring bell in the hearts of those who have come in contact with her or have watched her perform her gospel songs. She is one singer who believes that the purpose of her existence on earth is to praise and worship God. She reveals in this interview how far she has gone with music, her fashion business and challenges as regards entertainment knowing full well that penetration into the market is not an easy task. To her, she is ready to face the challenges and overcome based on the assurance she has that music is her calling.

Family background
I am from a family of five, four girls and a boy. I am from Isoko Local Government Area of Delta State.

Growing up
I grew up with my grandmother in Ogun State. I had fun while growing up because I was pampered so well. I was not allowed to do any work until I went to live with my parents when my grandmother decided to go back to the village as a result of old age. I wanted my mother to continue to handle me the way my grandmother did but she refused and started teaching me how to cook and wash clothes. I found it difficult and never liked it though I was 16 years then. I thank God that today I can cook and do every other chore that every woman does.

Musical career
I would say that the passion grew when I was young because at the time I was living with my grandmother, the only thing I was doing then was to gather children and teach them how to sing and dance. I was doing it for fun then but when I grew much older, I discovered it was a gift. Even in my church today, I am the music director.

I aspire to be like Kefee. I love her style, costume and the way she dances. What thrills me most about her music is her native language that she uses. I always like people who promote their local dialet. She was really promoting Niger Delta. But today, she has re-branded.

Role model
The first person I ever had as a role model was the late Bimbo Odukoya. I loved everything about her but today my pastor's wife, Mrs. Gloria Omodiagbe is my role model. She is calm, God-fearing and most importantly, keeps her home. I cherish that part of her and I will like to keep my home that way when I get married. I will like to manage my home and business properly so that I will enjoy my marriage.

Choice of music
My choice of music is gospel because I believe that the major reason I am created is to praise God. Even the Bible says that when you praise God, then shall the earth yield its increase. I fear and love God and that is why I am into praise and worship songs.

Making music for money
No. It is not about money. I am not idle. I am into other businesses that yield money. If it is about money, I won't even dare go close to music because it is not easy penetrating into the market or getting sponsors. It is my own way of preaching the gospel.

So far so good. I thank God because I am making waves in the entertainment industry. I am known for now and people invite me to perform in their functions like weddings, anniversaries, dedications, parties, etc.

Parent's reaction
Right from time, my parents have been telling me to develop my gifts, so when I told them I wanted to go into music as a career, they supported and encouraged me.

My expectations have already come because what I am doing is based on revelation. I know that in couple of years to come, Bless J will be a household name. I expect to sing in and outside Nigeria. I also expect to win awards and affect lives positively through my way of life, message of my songs and some other projects that I will use to raise the hope of downtrodden Nigerians.

For now, my greatest challenges are fund and sponsors. However, my manager has been working hard to sell me more. Since SR -BOJ took over my project, it has really been great. Currently, he is working on my video. He is focused and from what I have seen so far, I know that the sky is my starting point.

Things she stopped doing
I was never a bad girl. I was not living a rough life so I am still maintain my lifestyle. The only thing I would say that I started doing since I went into entertainment is socialization. Initially, I used to be very withdrawn. I like keeping to myself, but now, people want to be my friends, interact and socialize with me. It is something I cannot run away from and because there are a lot for me to learn, I started adapting to the new development of relating with people.

Aside music
I am a fashion designer. My shop is on and I have girls who are working for me. When I am busy with music, they attend to customers and do the ones they can until I am less busy. Fashion designing is something I cannot stop no matter how busy I may be with music because it gives me joy when I show my creative ability through my designs.

Ideal man
My dream man must be Godfearing, hardworking, intelligent and romantic.

Likes and dislikes
I don't like lazy, foolish and troublesome people. The worst of it all is gossip. I hate it. I like people who have good relationship with God and also people that have good sense of reasoning and are hardworking too.

No. I am not into any for now. Initially, I wanted to concentrate on what I was doing. I was seeing men as distractions, so I was not ready for their game. But now if I see a man that my heart goes out for and who is ready to do the will of God, I will give him a trial.

Embarrassing moment
It was the day I went for a show at God Dey Cinema and they kept me waiting and standing for hours. I went to perform somewhere else.That was my second performance. I was so tired and my dancers too. The irony of the whole thing was that the people I was to perform for were all seated while I was standing. I stood before the organizer came and told me that they had gone to get more seats. It was so embarrassing for me because even my dancers were asking me why they neglected me. I just managed until I performed and left the place.