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I'm now in my 40s. I was born in Oru Ijebu in Ijebu North Local Government area of Ogun State. I am the sixth child of my family. I hail from a humble background. I had both my elementary and secondary education in my home town. I obtained the grade two certificate from the Teacher's Training college in Oru, as well as an honours degree certificate in Theatre Arts from the University of Ibadan, Oyo State.

How I started acting

I came into acting 30 years ago, under the tutelage of the late Mukaila Adebisi, the manager of Oloko theatre group. After my training, I worked briefly with the late theatre arts professional, Dele Ogunsanya. who influenced my artistic career. Since then, I have also worked with different professionals in the industry.

I made my debut in the 80s', between 1985 and 1986. Thereafter, I came into limelight having featured in other movies, particularly Ti Oluwa ni Ile. To date, I have produced over 13 movies on my own. Moreso, I have featured in over 200 movies.

My mission

Like every other man would have it, I would say I have a rather tall ambition. I intend to establish a studio outfit with a training academy, where talents can be groomed. I also want other people who have the burning desire for acting to learn the trade.

It is a long story. But I prefer leaving that area for now. I now have a caring wife. And I have beautiful kids. And as Yoruba would say that you don't count kids for their parents.

Me and women

My popularity attracted many beautiful ladies to me. Meanwhile, I appreciate them. I do not allow them to distract me. A man that is always in the mist of ladies stand the risk of dying young. So, to avert this, I always caution myself. But the fact remains that ladies are good, any day. And it is good to have them around.

Wumi's cocaine episode
The story is not new. But people in their ignorance are mixing things up. From our investigation, we learnt she was caught while trying to export cocaine to one of the countries abroad. But people should not forget that she is a human being too. And human beings are always prone to crime.
From the moment it happened, we have taken decisions on the issue. We have been warning ourselves that we don't want anybody to give us bad names. We have our code of conducts. And this was why on learning about her arrest, the president of our association summoned a meeting of the executives. We investigated and she was found guilty of the allegation. And we had to suspend her indefinitely.

Artistes and hard drugs

We have to know that if an artiste out of thousands was caught, that does not make others criminals or even traffickers. Some people have even said that I'm a cocaine pusher. And I ask them on what basis? Is it because I travel abroad often? And if because of Wunmi's case people now call me a trafficker, then they are wrong. It is wrong to accuse people when there is no proof that they are guilty.

International frequent travels
For me, traveling abroad is not a daily affair. The last time I traveled was April. Also when Baba Suwe was travelling frequently, people said he was into drug trafficking. Now it is Dele.

Younger artistes

Everyone is the architect of his or her fortune. And the way you lay your bed, so you would lie on it. My advice to the society is that we should be more reasonable and rational. We should put modesty into whatever we do. And people should stop blackmailing artistes for no just cause. On a larger note, there is no way you can dissuade an ardent criminal from carrying out his crime. If someone like Wunmi could take to cocaine pushing, I on my part can never do so. I will never.