Kanye West's Yeezy sues former intern for allegedly breaching NDA by sharing confidential photos on Instagram

By Lauren Edmonds, INSIDER
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Yeezy LLC has sued a former intern, Ryan Inwards, for allegedly breaching a non-disclosure agreement, according to The Hollywood Reporter .

The complaint claimed Inwards breached the NDA by posting confidential Yeezy photographs on Instagram.

Yeezy LLC is reportedly seeking $500,000 in liquidated damages and punitive damages.

Insider has reached out to Yeezy LLC and Kanye West's representatives for comment.

Kanye West’s popular apparel brand, Yeezy LLC, is suing a former summer intern for allegedly breaching a non-disclosure agreement.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , the company filed a complaint against Ryan Inwards on Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

The complaint alleged that Inwards posted confidential photographs pertaining to Yeezy on his Instagram account, thus breaking a NDA he previously signed. The NDAs reportedly prohibited sharing confidential information on social media.

The complaint alleged that Inwards kept the photos on his Instagram account and ignored multiple cease and desist letters to remove them, THR reported.

On Saturday, an Instagram account with that same name had zero posts.

THR reported that the NDA contained a $500,000 liquidated damages provision.

Yeezy and Kanye West, who Forbes estimates is worth $1.3 billion , are seeking that half-million-dollar payday plus additional money for punitive damages because the company believes Inwards has acted “maliciously.”

THR reported that Yeezy is also seeking an injunction mandating Inwards hand over the photos and be barred from sharing similar posts.

Insider has reached out to Yeezy and Mr. West’s representatives for comment. It’s unclear if Inwards has a representative. Yeezy emerged as a successful business venture after West unveiled the company Kanye West and his daughter North West during the “Yeezy Season 8” show as part of Paris Fashion Week. Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

West, 43, launched the highly-publicized apparel brand in 2015 at New York Fashion Week.

The majority of West’s expansive fortune doesn’t come from his music , but instead from his apparel and footwear brands. Forbes estimated in 2019 that the company would top $1.5 billion in sales .

As reported by Business Insiders May Hanbury, part of what makes Yeezy so coveted is West’s unique marketing strategies . West, who shares four children with Kim Kardashian , releases items in limited numbers to bolster hype and causes them to sell out.

Just one hour after the Boost 350 sneakers hit the shelves, they were sold out both in stores and online .

It was revealed this summer that Yeezy, which adds around $1.26 billion to West’s net worth , received between $2 million and $5 million through the Paycheck Protection Program amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The loan reportedly helped save 160 jobs.