Barrister, Kollington Tasked

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Grand fuji music star, Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Ololade a.k.a. Barrister and his contemporary, Ayinla Kollington, have been advised to shun issues surrounding their long lasting rift, by a young Sakara musician, Lukmon Ajao, a.k.a. At 40. Both top fuji artistes were admonished to take a cue from younger fuji artistes like K1, Obesere, Pasuma, Atawewe, among others who had just settled their differences with one another. At 40, who had just released a 12-track album entitled Sakara Forever, on Alpha Fortunes Records, further stated: “We expect the two artistes to settle their differences and let the young ones learn from them and not vice-versa.” The young 'Sakara” musician, who had served Kollington until 2001 and currently serving Ayinde Barrister, said it would be disgraceful for both fuji music stars to be admonished by the upcoming ones, through their songs, before they allow peace to reign.

—Olatunji Saliu