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Q: What's your opinion on the compulsory leave embarked upon by actors?
A: It's a good one, designed specifically to sanitise the movie industry.

Q: Do you think the ANTP can achieve the purpose of going on the holiday?
A: Yes, they can definitely achieve their objective as long as proper procedures are followed and, as long as we all are committed to the quest of making the industry a fair one.

Q: Were the marketers informed before they commenced on the holiday?
A: No, but we were aware of it. Whether we were informed or not is not the issue now, but the issue at stake is that the holiday is to achieve a purpose and that's to improve the standard of films in the industry.

Q: Will the marketers abide by the decision of the ANTP?
A: As long as it is a progressive law or order for the improvement of the industry, we will embrace it.

Q: It is true that you marketers pay peanuts for movies to be produced, as it was alleged by the actors?
A: Thank God, you said it was alleged. I am not aware of that because I have first-class producers in my company and none of them can ever complain of such because they are well paid.

Q: As a professional accountant and marketer, can N250,000 shoot a film?
A: It cannot. It's not possible, unless the person is not interested in good production. In our own company, we don't do such thing.

Q: How come marketers don't sell up to 10,000 copies of a movie in a country of about 140 million people?
A: Well, that's one of the reasons the actors are on holiday. We shall soon regulate all that.

Q: Marketers are often accused of being responsible for low quality films in the market, how true is this?
A: Each company has its own policy. My company does not sell low quality films but I don't know about others. My advice is just that all of us need to strive to sell high standard films to help the industry grow.

Q: What do you expect the ANTP to do on resumption?
A: I expect them to come out with regulations and laws that can improve the quality of films.