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Afro-Juju music creator, Sir Sina Peters, will be back in the studio for the recording of a new album, Entertainment Cafe can reveal authoritatively. Investigations revealed that Sir Sina Peters Organisation and Oloruntoba Oke, Murphy Lawal and Sunny Ogundipe, have secured studio sessions for the recording of the new album. Investigations further revealed that SSP and members of his band who have been rehearsing in a private studio, will commence recording in the first week of February. Speaking with Entertainment Cafe, the Afro-Juju music star, who will be performing this weekend for the Runsewe family in Lagos, said: “I still hold the ace in Juju music circle and this album will perform the same feat like Ace."

He added that "I have taken my time to select good songs, instrumentation, percussions and other things. My band members are undergoing serious rehearsals and you will be shocked at the outcome of it all, just wait and see.” Speaking on the marketing of the album, SSP, whose last album was marketed by Kennis Music, said that will be decided by the stakeholders. “Mine is to sing, while other things pertaining to Sina Peters band is for the stakeholders to decide,” he retorted. Meanwhile, the musician will be playing his fortnightly show at La Campagne Tropicana next Friday and has promised to give a teaser of what is expected in the new album. In a related development, Oloruntoba Oke, speaking on behalf of the stakeholders, said “we have decided to reclaim the lost glory of Juju music and there is no going back.”