Eucharia Anunobi Celebrates Late Son’s Post Houmous 16th birthday (photos)

By The Nigerian Voice

Nollywood actress, Eucharia Anunobi, will not stop loving her late son who died few months back after a brief illness.

The actress has been silently nursing her pains despite trying to smile and gracing various movie sets and ministrations yet to sudden loss of her boy Raymond Ekwu, continues to surface in her heart.

If young Ray were to be alive, he would have turned 16 this February but death decided to snatch him away and so the body decided to remember him by celebrating his post homous birthday at one of the orphanage in Lagos.

It was a mixed feelings for the actress as she was happy to have been able to do that to celebrate her late son and also was in tears knowing that she will so miss him as he is no more to ask her when she will be returning home from location.

May his gentle soul continue to rest in peace.