After one Month, Actress, Ejiro Okurame Losses Mum After Burying Grandmother

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nollywood actress, Ejiro Okurame, is one of many actresses who is ever ready to support a friend both in good and bad times both major at times, she has been stabbed at the back but she still moves on.

The actress if there is something she is being loved for is the way she handled the issue of her bestie, late Nollywood actor, Muna and till date, she has been of immense support to his family.

Now, the actress is currently bereaved as she recently lost her mother, who has been there for her all through the years.

The death of her mother came as a shock as she just finished burying her own mother (grandma) in November only to return home and started complaining about stomach ache and the rest became sad story.

According to the actress, “It’s exactly 7days today I lost my mother. At exactly this hour (1:28am Jan. 22nd)I got a call from my Elder brother Felix who got a call from our relation in the village that our Mum who just buried her mum(Our grandma)last November had passed on. She complained about stomach ache & gave up b4 help could come...It is well. This might come as a great shock 2many because I didn’t say it out. Maybe bcos I’m used to contributing/helping people 2plan/organize their events but NO ONE supports/assists ME when its my turn.”