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At the moment, all seem not well between the two Nollywood personalities, Jim Iyke and Chidi Mokeme, who have made impressive statement in the fast-rising movie industry in Nigeria otherwise known as Nollywood. The duo, if information at our disposal is anything to go by are at loggerheads over the right ownership of a sugar mummy named Ita Giwa., one of the political amazons in Aso Rock.

It's an open secret that Chidi Mokeme who has tremendously benefited from Ita's largesse is a loyalist to Ita's warmed bed. But recent development reveals that Mma Bakassi as Ita Giwa is been called is shifting attention from Chidi to Jim.
Lamentably, the recent affinity between the distinguished former senator, Ita and the Nollywood's Jim Iyke seems to have been a subject of concern for the Ultimate Man's Chidi.

Other information also reveals that, it's very palpable that, Ita is no longer interested in Chidi's affair hence her new romance with Jim who had an accident a few weeks back and the generous Ita Giwa footed the hospital bill.

Chidi Mokeme, at present, is said to have been so bitter about the lovey-dovey between Ita and Jim as he was said to have called Jim Iyke a betrayer who has bitten the finger that fed him.
Meanwhile, Jim Iyke, the new beneficiary of Mma Bakassi's philanthropic gesture is a happy man as he's said to have been using Ita's connections to press the necessary buttons for his foundation which we gathered the widow and powerful woman in the presidency is a major financial.
All effort to reach the threesome for a comment was to no avail before going to press.
The question now is, who is the man after Madam's heart? Chidi or Jim, only Ms. Ita Giwa could provide some answers to the question.
BY: Alonge Michael