Oluwo of Iwoland Acquires Made in Nigeria G-Wagon

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

The oluwo of Iwoland, Oba Abdurasheed Akanbi, has decided to boost his garage with a new ride and rather than go for expensive foreign made, he decided to buy the one made in Nigeria.

The Oluwo had to pay Innoson motors a visit where he acquired one of the cars produced in the factory precisely a G-Wagon.

Oba Abdurasheed, is one of many who is not just advocating for the use of made in Nigeria products but also uses things made in Nigeria and has this love for local fabrics.

He is not just a first class monarch but also a fashion design who often times goes on his own fabrics to help promote the Yoruba culture and local fabrics.