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Actress, Lizzy Anjorin Reveals how She Was Neglected by her Brother-in-law

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Nollywood actress, Lizzy Anjorin, has done well for herself that today those that never believed in her have begun looking for means of getting close to her.

Being a single mother was not fun for her because she went through hell in the hands of her brother-in-law who brain washed her baby’s father that he turned his back on the actress until his death.

All thanks to her mother-in-law who rose to the occasion by giving her all the needed support.

“I can never forget you (my mother in-law) iya rere...‎ On my baby naming ceremony, she sat as my husband and she did an elaborated naming for my baby.. Since I got to Jos my baby father didn't talk to me till the day he left dis sinful world (rip), because his brother made him realized that it's very ridiculous for him to let a low servant like me have a baby for him.. ‎Don't let me tell u all what i went through in the labour room... of cos a skinny girl that had sex once in her life even the doctor was wondering if i was holy Mary they brought out scissors to help the virginity, I can't even forget how I held the bed sheet and gnashed my teeth on the wet cloth during the cutting and sewing of my V.

“My suffering doubled again cos I had a baby girl, they made me realized that female child holds no value in their family and male child is the real child.. I endured and cried often; I couldn't even imagine what my poor mother was going through all alone at that moment because she had me with menopause, she is aged already and that's what prompted me to determine and focus that I've to make it in life.. i left the baby when she was a year and half old and I never set my eyes on her until she clocked 10yrs bcos of the tortured and molestation I received from people as omo nobody.. their molestation made me to determined to die on the street or make it and go back for the child, so I came to Lagos from Jos. When i got to Lagos i didn't go to my mum bcos she will be so disappointed in me bcos she won't understand what I passed through except iya ijebu... Everybody don't want omo nobody in their midst, the day i left my daughter, she was crying bitterly and dat day i re-named her to oluwa mo n lo durotimi

So I became church rat, i slept in churches, do odd jobs in day time.. May God bless the churches i slept in then but I can't forget how many times i was beaten with bunch of broom bcos I was framed as emere (wizard) cos i was fair in complexion with slit read hair... It was so tough in my toilet cleaning job;”