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Thousands of people are earnestly asking this question in the Lagos social circuit. Once upon a time, Goke Omisore was one businessman with a midas touch. Like an alchemist, whatever he touched turned to gold. He took barbing from a lowly profession to a lucrative investment when he opened Head Masters Millennium Salon, situated then on Allen Avenue. That was far back in 1990. Quite an aristocratic gentleman with epicurean taste, it was little wonder that Goke opened Aristos, one of the most uppity and classy food joints then on Toyin Street, Ikeja. Before Aristocratic Foods, which was a subsidiary of Omission Group of Companies, had been Higher Ground Furniture, another money-spinning project that heralded exotic and costly furniture in Lagos with big boys, whose population were on the rise in those days as the target clientele. Other cash-cows of Omisore then were Down To Heart, The PM Spot and Prime Distillers & Vintage.

The problem now is that most of the lucrative businesses are no more. First to disappear from the scene was Higher Ground Furniture. Aristos was to follow a couple of months later, while little or nothing has been heard of Prime Distillers & Vintage, with only Headmaster Barbing Salon still functioning on Toyin Street. Sadly, Goke himself has disappeared from the social scene.