WOW!! Mamuzee Twins Unveil Innoson Made In Nigeria Cars For Pageant Winners (photos)

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Abuja Based popular artist brothers, Mamuzee Twins have flagged-off one of their many projects to empower young male and female Nigerians through a pageant contest " ‎Miss And Mr Nigeria Resources Ambassador".

The first ever contest designed to educate the masses and the contestants on the importance of knowing the Mineral resources and general knowledge of the Nigerian nation.

Speaking to cross section of journalists in Abuja during the unveiling, the Mamuzee Twins said that the contest is not the usual pageant we see every other time but‎ an Initiative to encourage Nigerians to know their country and what makes it the giant of Africa.‎ According to them " the Miss & Mr Nigerian Resources Ambassador entails that the contestant possesses the three Bees - which is Brain, Boldness and Beautiful and must have the knowledge of the natural, Mineral and Human resources inherent in Nigeria"

The unisex contest which involves winning cash and cars is also designed to promote made in Nigeria product as the star prizes of cars are made by Innoson Motors. The most anticipated pageant show is already attracting contestants between the ages of 18 to 35 years old as forms are begining to sell like hot cake.