My Hubby Proposed to me After I lost my Wedding Ring…Prophetess Dasmola Juwon

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Popular Nigerian prophetess, Dasmola Juwon and her hubby recently celebrated the joy she has derived from her marriage of about 21years and still counting.

The prophetess explained that celebrating love with her hubby does not mean it’s their wedding anniversary but a means of showing the youths and other families that there is joy in marriage.

In her words, “I'm doing this to let people believe that there is still joy in marriage because, I read on social media that our youth are scared of marriage this days as if marriage is all doom, gloom, violence and sorrow. Most people want their Children to get married eventually but our Children are fed with negative and sorrowful news about marriage on social media and they are scared. The fact that one marriage didn't work doesn't mean you cannot marry again neither does it discredit the institution of marriage as ordained by God. As most youth don't want to marry again, understand that marriage is about love, patience, respect, understanding, trust, endurance, forgiveness and tolerance.

“Though, this is not the month of my marriage and me and my husband are not celebrating our marriage anniversary but we are creating a positive impressions to the younger generations that you can celebrate your marriage every time and everywhere you have the opportunity and not once in a year. Everyone human being have what they like and what gives them joy. I love words of love, reassurance and proposal to make me feel like a new bride every time and he enjoys doing it. I will invite you to our wedding soon by the grace of God. YES, you can say after 21 years, thank you. My king bought me a new ring after I lost one of my wedding ring and he propose to me again when we went to Bluewater shopping centre to buy a phone the same day we bought the new wedding ring. So, if I said marriage proposal I know what I mean. What is giving us joy shall never turn to sorrow in Jesus might name. Devils love to hear about home breakup and it's the latest and hottest news that is on trend but the word of God says, God hate divorce, in book of Malachi 2 verse 14 to 16. May God uphold your marriage and give your marriage everlasting joy. Marriage is good, Marriage is fun. Don't allow others to redefine you.”