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Complain Everywhere, is Actress, Ini Edo Dress Sense that Bad These Days?

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Truly, the life of a celebrity is not that easy at all as everyone will be all out to look for something to say and even try to help manage the celebs life like that of Nollywood actress, Ini Edo.

Ini and some of her industry colleagues have been under fire in time past due to the way they dress and showing of some parts of their body and they were never spared as the criticism kept coming in.

Well, for the likes of Ini, she decided to have a good change of wardrobe as she now dress in nice clothes that cover sensitive parts of her body yet that many are cool with her new fashion sense.

A fan recently decided to call her attention to her fashion sense describing her as a Nun. “Chinyprom: I don't like your dressing these days. You look more like a nun these days. I love that you, that use to be simple, smartly dressed and not like you are hiding now. That's my opinion anyway. God really love you and I still love you INI Edo.”

Hmm, another fellow who felt that the actress being single will not help her in future decided to air her opinion. “ ladylove7879 : My dear sister, I want to advised you. All this show business and trying to keep up with fashion is not going to take you anywhere. Please it's high time to focus on your life and settled down. Remember, time wait for no body. People will tell you good things when they see you, here and there and turned around and make a mockery of you. Pls copy from your friends like omotola and Uche jumbo whom I see you are closer to. Just an advice.”