I was a Nuisance as a Teenager…TV girl, Bolanle Olukanmi

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Popular TV girl, Bolanle Olukanmi, has tried in carving a strong niche for herself in the Nigerian media world but it was not easy climbing the ladder of success and today she is doing fine.

Every person has got one story or the other to tell about their growing up and for her, she had it rosy when it comes to family but was the stubborn type.

In a recent interview, she admitted to have a good and interesting up bringing but was a nuisance both at home and in public all thanks to her strict mother who was able to tame her towards beoming a better person.

Sharing her teenage experience she said, “Interestingly, I was a nuisance (laughs ). I was very rebellious as a teenager.”