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Don’t Cheat by Buying Fake Followers Work on your Music…Rapper, MI Warns Upcoming Artistes

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Rapper, MI Abaga, might not be releasing hit singles the way he used to but that does not mean he is turning his back on music rather he is busy mentoring others coming into the industry.

The rapper recently advised upcoming artistes who had seeked his advice to stay focus on their dream and improve themselves rather than depend on fake social media followers.

He stressed that a lot of people in trying to grow their craft rush in getting social media followers which are not real rather than learn from their rejection towards becoming a better person.

Advising a fan who said he was rejected by a record label because he came from the streets MI said, “I hear you!!! So many people cheat these days.. do not buy followers. Work in your music and image. It will happen organically. Learn from the rejections. Improve work harder grow your social media and you will be sought after.”