Love In An Accident Again

Source: Alayande Dayo -
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STEERING the ship of love isn't an easy task, going by the testimonies of the victims of love.
A Nollywood actress has, again, been shown the ugly side of love, having tried with much effort to maintain her last marriage as she admitted she put in much into the relationship, especially the emotional contribution.

Her broken marriage, for the third time, has become worrisome to her, and according to her, the whole stuff is nothing but a surprise.

The light complexioned actress seems to be managing the situation, but voiced out that her case is not that bad, noting that she's aware of a lady who had been in marriage with nothing less than 20 people but didn't just work.

Obviously, the beautiful ones are not left out in this quagmire. May God save our ladies from men who are gifted in heartbreaking.