Actor, Sam Uche Anyamele Movie ‘Spouse’s Secret’ Rated 15 by NFVCB

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nollywood actor, Sam Uche Anyamele, has gotten the accolades of Nigerian Films and video censors board and that of media and friends after his latest movie, ‘Spouse’s Secret,’ was rated 15.

The actor has combined his years of hardwork in the industry to come out with a movie that will interest the family especially couples who have been hiding lots of secrets from each other just to save their marriage.

According to the actor, ‘Spouse’s secret,’ is one movie that will leave many couples asking for more as it will help them foster better understanding , resolve some of those highly volatile secrets which have inadvertently tor some marriages into shreds.

Sam Uche has featured in myriad of Tv productions ranging from drama, soap opera, sit-coms, comedy and many others alike. His major break came from popular Wale Adenuga tv series, Super Story, ‘No pain No Gain,’ where is bad boy role earned him other call up.

After the Nigerian Films and video censors board had taken out time to watch ‘Spouse’s Secret,’ they rated the movie 15, which means children from such age were entitled to watch the movie as it will help educate them on what it means to live and be born into a happy home.

The movie has already hit the cinemas today 30th of May 2017, as the actor is ensuring that he guides his work well against piracy.