Nigerian Police Have Caused the Country so Much Shame…Actor, Ugezu J. Ugezu Blasts

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nollywood actor, Ugezu J. Ugezu, is currently fuming at the state of things in the country especially with the Nigerian Police whom he says have caused the country so much shame.

The actor stated that almost everyday in Delta state, Police officers in uniform are being seeing on the roads with potholes as they keep extorting money from cars.

He stressed that it is so sad that those in high position have done nothing at checkmating the activities of the Police and prosecuting those found guilty rather they pay deaf ears to the cry of Nigerians.

“Shall we continue to fool ourselves and claim it does not exist? Everyday in Asaba, Delta State of Nigeria where I live, I still see uniformed police officers, armed to the teeth, standing along the roads, especially in damaged parts of the roads where motorists must slow down, extorting money from motorists. Is this not extremely disgraceful? Officers of the law, direct representatives of The President, doing this openly and those that sit in high ranking positions are not arresting and prosecuting them for bringing police department to public ridicule? Are we ready as a people to tell ourselves some home truths and cage ourselves with the instrumentalities of the law?” he wrote.