Singer, Charly Boy Pierces his Private Part, gets new Tattoo

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Singer and social commentator, Charles Oputa better known as Charly Boy, is ever ready to do anything for a fellow man but people he does not joke with is his family.

CharlyBoy prefers to spend more of his time bonding with his family than spending it on irrelevant things and to prove that, he just got a new tattoo.

He went to a tattoo shop to get the names of his generation inscribed on his arm with the hope that there will be enough space to write the names of his grandchildren.

Charly Boy did not just stop at that, he also confused to piercing his private part also which he did not reveal.

In his words, “Love is pain and pain is writing my family tree on the canvas of my body. Tattooed my children's name on my left arm today, hope space go dey to tattoo my grand children's name. My Body is in shock. Pierced my blokus today. More balls to the ball.”