People Fighting the Church are Looking for Relevancy… Miss Christian Ambassador Nigeria

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Recently from some quarters, some Christians have began criticizing some things or doctrines some Pastors now share with their congregation and not many are in support of this.

Not wanting to mention names, the Christian believers fill there are some things that should not be done or said and the debate has really been an issue on social media with many airing their opinion.

Well, for those that understand the word of God like Miss Christian Ambassador Nigeria, who is a preacher, Author and Motivational speaker, believes that a lot of people are doing this just to get relevancy.

During her Easter speech, she said, “The rate of persecution in the Nigeria church now is an evidence of Progress and Advancement in the Kingdom, Christ did not build a church to be prevailed upon neither a Church to be hijacked but a Church that is established far above principalities and power. Furthermore the Church is build on the Rock, When she hit her enemy they fall when the enemy hit her she ground them to powder.

“The church of Christ cannot be fought neither can the Kingdom of God be hijacked or overthrown. Persecution of the church is to prove the Validity of God's Kingdom for its only the minority that feel inferior and wants to gain relevancy by fighting the Majority. Yes we are Major because we are Eternal, Christianity is so unique and full of hope that even in our death we are still full of life.

“Therefore, let us not be intimidated by killings nor become cold hearted about God and Evangelism instead pick up your Bible and continue the Evangelism. Let the world know Jesus is the Lord for he died and now he has Risen. Don't forget that the Kingdom of God will neither Retreat nor Surrender but no matter the persecution we will rather keep advancing we are soldiers, soldiers of the cross and in the name of Jesus we have Conquered."