I’m proud of My Past, Leave Me Alone…Actress, Omotoyosi jaiyesimi Warn Haters

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Sometimes, some people should not be blame for sharing their personal thoughts on social media and this is because they seems to have been failed by those they call friends and even family members.

You can imagine trying to confide in your mother who carried you nine months and rather than help you out, she turns out to lay curse and go about telling people about you, that is some African mothers for you.

Well, Nollywood actress, Omotoyosi jaiyesimi, might not be the best but she sure has her son looking up to her and she is all out to ensure that she gives him a good life rather than seat back to listen to irrelevant issues about her.

The actress disclosed that she has been going through personal issues for about two years now without anyone to support her but it is so sad that someone somewhere still chose to bring her down.

In her words, “Am human, therefore ,blood runs in my veins not water so before u judge or say any bad thing about me, put yourself in my shoes. Then pray to God for you to experience all I experienced and still stay strong and reliable. I’m a role model to my son even if I am not to any other person. I don’t talk about you or anybody. So pls leave my life alone n stop saying shit about me.

"With all have been facing for like 2years now is not that I can’t talk or fight I can ,but, I just choose not to because am a mother and I have to lead by example. I am proud of my past so stop helping me 2spread tale about it or remind me of it. I live my life the way God wants me 2. I choose 2keep silent because I believe I have outgrown all your bullshit. So please leave my life alone if u don’t want the wrath of God 2fall on u &everyone you are bad mouthing me to.You know me b4 now, & u know what I am capable of. Let me be the mother of my son. Stop saying what u don’t know about me.”