I Need to Avoid Poverty So I Can Care for my Mother…Singer, Small Doctor

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Singer, Small doctor, is a real hustler who is ready to make a strong name for himself and his family which is why he is not slowing down.

The singer has been attending lots of shows of recent and living his dream lifestyle gradually but there is a lot going through his mind and part of it is how to make is mother comfortable.

When they a prayer of ‘You shall reap the fruit of your labour’ is being said, it is in ways like this and the singer is seriously hoping of giving his struggled mother the beats she never got.

He recently disclosed that he does not want to live a life of poverty as he hopes to make money to be able to buy his mother lots of gifts.

According to him, “I Don't Wanna LIVE My LIFE In POVERTY, Cos I'll Like To Buy My MUMMY Many Things.”