When we touch...

By Melanie Miller
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When we touch, it will be like magick
And when we kiss, fire will shoot from our lips!
When we embrace, the flowers will blossom...
and when we look into one anothers eyes, we will realize we wore meant for one another.

Our souls, will unite and will be as One!
There shall never be another like you, my angel prince...

and no one holds a candle to you.
You will be my dream come true, and my inspirtation.

You are my destiny and dream come true forever more.

And you will always be in my heart of all hearts.
You will be the moon, shining down on me, at night
and you will be, the morning sun, that shines on me in the daylight.

You will be those stars, each and every one of them, and I will call you Silver Moon!

You will look at me with those warm loving eyes, I know you have.

You will smile at me and adore me and love me alone.

You will not long for another or embrace any one but me alone.

You will kiss me affectionatly and tenderly and leave the others for me.

We shall be lovers and best of friends.
We will always be in love and never fall for anyone else, but each other.

You will be my prince forever and ever and you will always long for my touch and kiss and embrace.

There will be just you one day, as you sweep me off my feet, and kiss my lips in your dreams.

I kiss your lips too, in my dreams as well.
I can tell, we are meant for one another my love.
You are the answer to all my hopes and prayers and you will always be my angel in my mind....

by melanie miller