I Impregnated my Wife in an Hotel in Rivers State…Mr Ibu Confesses

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Well, when you actually find true love, you will give everything up just to have the love next to you no matter what it takes and Nollywood comic actor, John Okafor better known as Mr Ibu is just a sharp shooter.

The actor in a recent interview with Punch, disclosed that he wasted no time in hitting the right spot after his wife’s ex dumped her many years back.

He disclosed that he has always been a good friend with her until her boyfriend dumped her and she came to Rivers state just to watch his show which later had them together in the same hotel and the Big Brother thing took place.

In his words, “My wife has always been in the entertainment industry; she is an actress. She is also a beauty queen. The wooing period was so serious. She had a boyfriend and I was aware of it. They had a quarrel and I was busy settling it. One day, the guy sent her a text message b which made her cry for two days. In the text message, the guy said she should leave him alone and that if she said should ever come close to him again, he would leave a mark on her body that she would never forget in her life. She kept crying till we met and when I saw her, I asked why her eyes were red and she showed me the text message. I told her to wipe her tears and promised that I would replace him and be better. Months later, we met in Port-Harcourt at night and I was shocked. I asked her what she was doing there and she said she came because she heard I had a show. She said she wanted to see me and that was why she came. I offered her shelter that night. You know that they don’t leave a goat and yam in the same place; that is how she got pregnant and we got married.”