I Can Never do Free Jobs for Producers…Actor, Kolade Oyewande

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Popular Yoruba actor, Kolade Oyewande better known as Highlander, might not be that actor that makes the front pages of newspapers or on blogs but he prefers his works to speak for him.

The actor recently has come out to point out that some Nollywood producers tends to look for actors that will work for them for free all the name of helping boost their career.

Kolade stated that it is good that some people do some jobs for free but how long will that last and how will it put food on the table knowing that there is family to feed as he noted that any actor that is famous and yet broke is not worth it.

Using himself as an example, he stressed that he will rather feature in his own movies than working for other people who will end up not paying.

In his words, “If you once put food on my table, God bless you so much ,I believe you can do more, any friends who once put food on your table never forget them, an keep appreciating them no matter what even if it little, how do you know people who once put food on your table? Any job you are being called for and you got paid, shows he/she put food on your table even is N500, doing free jobs often will make you famous, but famous without money is bullshit...think twice, you growing up, you got families to feed...If is not making money, is not making sense. 15yrs in industry and you still doing free jobs just because you want people to know you, gosh abeg quit your circle....I rather feature only in my movies, than go for free jobs. Producers, even it little ,pay any cast on your set.”