We made Don Jazzy Who he is today…Eedris Abdul Kareem Brags

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Singer, Eedris Abdul Kareem, has not been heard of in recent months as he has been busy with personal projects and family but recently, ha has come out to set the records straight.

The singer in a recent interview with hiptv, stated that the lives the new artistes ar living today is as a result of the pace they as old artistes set before they came.

Eedris stated that the likes of Don Jazzy, chose to stay abroad but never got any opportunity until they returned to Nigeria to start from the buzzing pace they had set.

He point is not about jealousy but setting the record straight and warning them that no matter where they get to, they need to always show respect to him and others that made the industry what it is today.

According to him, “Without the old artiste, the new artiste won’t make money because we fought for the lives they are living right now. We put food on their table because of what we fought for their freedom and we are very happy and that is why we are legends but if any one of them try to disrespect, we will put them right to where they belong. All of them from Don Jazzy and all of them, they lived in London, how come the British government never gave them opportunity so they have to come back to Nigeria because we made it happen.”