People in my Street Reported That I’m a Suspect for Working at Night…Small Doctor

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Singer, Small Doctor, has come a long way in the industry but he was not noticed until God picked up his call at the appointed time and today, he is reaping the dividend of hard work.

The singer recently took time to appreciate everyone who has stood by him including his landlady as he disclosed that people have been complaining about his late night movement.

He disclosed that at some point, a lot of people never got to know what he does for a living but for those close to him especially his landlady, she has been very supportive as she always fight for him at the community meetings.

He begged his neighbours not to be offended for occupying the compound with his cars while they park theirs outside.

“Thanks To All My Neighbors For Letting Me Occupy The Whole Compound With This Toys While They Park Theirs Outside. Thank You All For Admiring The Little Fame GOD Gave Me. I'm Sorry For Disturbing You All With Instrumentals At Midnight While I Rehearse, I'm Sorry For The Noise The Hood Bois (Omo Adugbo) Make Anytime They Come Visiting.

“GOD Bless My Landlady For Letting Me Stay In Her House I Love You. Thanks To Alhaja For Standing Tall At The Landlord Association Meeting When Some People Said I Go Out At Night And Arrive At Midnight Most Times That They Suspect Me (LOL), Alhaja Despite The Fact That You Never Saw Me For Once During The Years But People Told You I'm The One That Stays Opposite Your House. Alhaja Thanks For Telling Them To Ask People That Go Out In The Morning And Arrive At Night The Same Question. Thanks For Making Them Understand It's The Nature Of My Job. iyanu MASHELE SOONEST,” he wrote.

Hopefully, his next line of action will be to build his own house and move his family into it especially his mother and son who have suffered so much.