Exclusive: I Just Don’t Why God Gave Me a Second Chance…Actor, Leo Mezie

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Handsome Nollywood actor, Leo Mezie, in many years to come will never forget the ever miracle God has performed in his life in the year 2016, as he will live to tell many generations to come.

It will be recalled that the actor was back in the year 2016, diagnosed with Kidney failure which needed a transplant and was to be flown abroad.

His sickness saw him looking skinny and near death, while some of his colleagues rally around to raise funds to save his life.

It was indeed a tough year and time and he had lost all hopes of survival. Finally when help will come, he was flown to London to where he was going through dialysis until his miracle came as doctors were shocked to see his two failed kidneys working.

Recounting his ordeal with Nollywoodgists.com, the actor he cannot say this is the exact reason God spared his life but all he is after is God should receive the praises instead of man or AGN.

“I don’t need anybody to tell me what my life spiritually or otherwise should be because I don’t know why God decided to spare my life, to give me a second chance but for whatever reason it is, it’s just to glorify his name. At least, I remember one of my prayer point has been that God I want to walk on the street and people will look at me and say thank God, if not for God that person will not be alive. I don’t want people to say if not for me, AGN etc no I want people to say if not for God, I want him to just be receiving all the praises, I think that is why I’m alive,” he stated.