Ubi Franklin’s Failed Marriage has to do With Poor Communication?

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Tripple MG boss, Ubi Franklin, recently decided to throw a subtle shade at challenges happening around his life by using a meme to pass the message.

According to the meme used, he wrote, “seeping issues under the rug ultimately causes more damages than addressing things directly,” but his fans could not over look such as many kept wondering what he was trying to say.

He went on to caption it with “story of my life. Learn to communicate properly and say what’s on your mind and make sure you are not hurting anyone by doing so. Communication is key especially in relationships, business etc. May God lead us all, Amen.”

If one is to give a breakdown of what he is trying to say then it means that the issues in his marriage has to do with communication problem which he and his wife have failed to address to enable them get good explanation.

Well, he tends to have known the gravity of what he posted and as such decided to bring it down before the media could feed on it but we had already picked it because we knew he will delete it as usual.