Don’t Be Carried Away by What celebs Posts…Actress, Blessing Egbe

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Nollywood actress, Blessing Effiom Egbe, has warned lovers of Nollywood movies not to be carried away by what they see their celebrities do on social media.

The actress stated that there are lots of challenges in the industry and in the lives of these celebs as they have loans to pay banks and other debts just like every other individuals.

She pointed out that part of the challenges they face is the fact that they as producers worker effortlessly to tell the Nigerian story the way it should but some people seat behind and reap them of their hard labour all in the name of piracy.

Read her message below;
DO NOT BE FOOLEDl YOU ARE A THIEF!!! Do not be fooled by the pretty pictures entertainers always post on here.. Behind closed doors, most have bills unsettled, bank loans unpaid and more bills to settle. In the film industry, Producers work very hard! We keep late nights, we sweat, we toil and have to bare the profit or loss of our wares. Do not be fooled by some of the box office numbers you read about. Only a handful take home 35 to 40 %. The DVD market is dead and there are not more than 3 buyers who pay more than 2.5m For an average Nigerian movie. Very few titles have truly made good return on investment. Most producers just GET BY. Films are supposed to last a lifetime. Producers are supposed to earn income throughout the lifespan of their films, but no! THIEVES won't let that happen. You are a thief when you buy, download or just watch a pirated copy of a film! You are a THIEF, a CRIMINAL, no better than an ARMED ROBBER because by your act, you STEAL and KILL. Everytime you patronize or enrich PIRATES, YOU STEAL!