Actress, Awele Odita Speaks About Love Affair with Koko Zaria, Slams Haters

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nollywood actress, Awele Odita, has been in the news recently after her lover, Koko Zaria and big wig of the National union of Road Transport workers, publicly profess his undying love for her.

It became an issue for many who believe she is a home breaker after several rumours of them dating went viral with many airing their various opinions.

Well, while crying over other people’s matter, the man at the centre of affairs, Koko Zaria, himself has made up his mind and his families have agreed to it including his daughters so there is nothing anyone can do to it.

Meanwhile, since Awele has been accepted by the family whole heartedly, she has come out to mock her haters by telling them no matter the amount of hate on her, God will never leave her to suffer.

In her words, “if You like Hate IJEAWELE from Now Till Thy Kingdom Come, Heavenly Father Will Never Stop Blessing Me... Bcoz He Who God Has Blessed No Man Can Ever CURSE. KO RI FUN E BI ERO RE SI MI. AMIN.”